Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take Home Teddy

Since it is the beginning of the school year and all of us teachers are already exhausted I have decided to add a kindergarten"freebie" for everyone. I use Take Home Teddy as a writing activity for my kindergartners to complete at home. I think it is important to get the parents involved in their child's literacy and this is a fun way to get the children and parents involved.

How it Works
I take a backpack and I fill it with: a teddy bear (who we call Take Home Teddy), our class Take Home Teddy journal, pencils, erasers, a parent letter and an alphabet card. I make the class journal by taking a scribbler/workbook and gluing the "Take Home Teddy" cover page to it. I like to use the scribblers that are half interlined / half blank at the top. Next, I laminate the parent letter and add it too. Then I start sending home "Take Home Teddy" with the students. I keep track of who has had a turn and I let the students keep "Take Home Teddy" for two nights or over a weekend if their turn falls on a Friday. When a student brings "Take Home Teddy" back to school they get to share their journal entry with the class before it goes home with the next student. When every student has had a chance to take "Take Home Teddy" home I put the class journal in the book corner for the students to read over and over again. The children love to go back and reread their journal entries.

Below you will find copies of the Take Home Teddy parent letter and the class journal title page. I personalize the title page for each of my kindergarten classes. Please feel free to e-mail me if you want a personalized title page and I will send you a new title page!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Alissa a great idea..The kids LOVE it!

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